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Dr.IITian Offline Institute
Dr.IITian Offline Institute excels in IIT, NEET, commerce, and foundation (4th-10th) education. With top-tier faculty and tailored programs, we nurture academic excellence and holistic growth. Join us for a transformative learning experience.
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Dr.IITian Offline Home Tuition
Dr.IITian Offline Home Tuition provides tailored learning at your doorstep. Expert tutors cover IIT, NEET, commerce, and foundation (4th-10th) courses, ensuring personalized attention and academic excellence from the comfort of your home.
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Dr.IITian Online Home Tuition
Join Dr.IITian's Online Home Tuition for interactive sessions across IIT, NEET, commerce, and foundation (4th-10th) courses. Expert tutors provide personalized attention and academic excellence, connecting virtually from different locations to your home.
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Learning a new language can be exciting with the linguini programs

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Why Dr.IITian

• Other coaching teaches only 3 days in a week and also don’t cover all the subjects but in our institute we provide regular classes and cover the whole syllabus.

• In addition to academic assistance, our coaching program provides instruction in time management, study skills, and exam preparation. 

•  AI-powered teaching methodology for Teaching Based on AI.

• In Dr.IITian, we teach all the subjects of 6th to 10th, in this way the student does not need to go anywhere else to take additional classes for any other subject like:- Languages/computers/IT etc

Advantages Of Dr.IITian​

Teaching methodology

• Integrated approach focusing on competitive and school exams
• Interactive and engaging lectures

Study material

• Well-researched and analyzed by experts
• Based on the latest syllabus and constantly updating

Regular test and assessments

• Detailed test analysis with error analysis report
• Simulated test and sheets based on latest exam pattern

Doubt clearing system

• One-to-one interactive sessions with experts
• Video sessions for instant solutions

Omni channel learning

• 100% digitized hybrid classes
• AI based learning
• Recorded lectures


Dr. iitian's where the Champions are born !!!

our services

Centre facilities

“Unlock your potential with our coaching institute’s state-of-the-art facilities, empowering you to excel in your educational journey.”

Library & self-study area

The library is an academically centered environment and will keep your brain focused on your


A dining area, as at office building, where meals may be purchased or brought from home and

Transport Facility

Pickup and drop facility for students from whole city

Smart classroom

EdTech-upgraded classroom that enhances the teaching and learning process for both the
teachers and the students

Recorded lectures

Study and revise anytime, anywhere with recorded video lectures by the best faculty


E-library is our electronic information database library, tag and search books, and journals.

AI Based Learning
enhances education through personalized, adaptive algorithms tailored to individual student needs.
1:1 live mentorship

Personalized online mentorship to help keep your IIT JEE preparation on track.

Case Study

Study finds language learners are determined to keep up efforts after the pandemic

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affordable price

Choose a language Plan

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Learn English

From $4/hour

Learn Mandarin

From $4/hour

Learn Russian

From $4/hour

Learn Indian

From $4/hour

2000 + Reviews

interviewing alumni of the linguini programme

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Legacy of

You must study at Dr.IITian till Class 10th irrespective of your choice of stream (Engineering /
Medical/ Arts / Commerce / Humanities ) and if you opt Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics/Biology
in Class XI then you must study with Dr.IITian till class 12th to acquire crit

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Are classes offline or online?

Dr.IITian offers both offline and online classes. Students can choose the mode of learning that suits them best.

Can we have one to one Learning?

Yes, Dr.IITian provides one-to-one learning sessions to cater to individual student needs for personalized attention and tailored instruction.

What are the qualifications of teachers?

Teachers at Dr.IITian are highly qualified, with many holding advanced degrees such as PhDs or qualifications from prestigious institutions. They possess extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

What are the different horizons of Dr.IITian?

Dr.IITian covers a broad range of subjects and educational levels, including preparation for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and Olympiads as Dr.IITian is available in Offline Institute, Home Tuition Offline/Online.

Are regular classes in hybrid mode?

Yes, regular classes are available in a hybrid mode, offering both in-person and online options to provide flexibility for students.

Is Home Tuition available Online?

Yes, home tuition is available online, allowing students to receive personalized instruction from the comfort of their homes.

What are the centre facilities of Dr.IITian?

The center facilities include well-equipped classrooms, libraries, study spaces, small batch size, regular classes, weekly seminars, weekly tests and access to various educational resources. They also provide modern technological tools to enhance learning experiences.

What courses do we cover?

Dr.IITian offers courses for a variety of academic needs, including:
JEE (Main and Advanced) preparation
NEET preparation
Foundation Courses with All Subjects (4th-10th)
Boards (11th-12th)
Commerce (11th-12th)

When are the batches starting?

Batch start dates vary depending on the course. Specific dates can be obtained by contacting Dr.IITian directly or visiting their official website.

What are the facilities we get in online study?

Online study facilities include live interactive classes, recorded lectures, digital study materials, online tests and quizzes, doubt-clearing sessions, and access to a virtual learning environment

Do we have curriculum activities?

Yes, Dr.IITian includes curricular activities such as workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions to complement academic learning and foster overall student development.


Personalized Attention: One-to-one learning and small class sizes ensure personalized attention.
Overall Development: Focus on holistic development including academic excellence and personal growth.
Qualified Teachers: Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
Flexible Learning Modes: Offers both online and offline, hybrid learning options.
Comprehensive Coverage: Wide range of courses and tailored preparation programs.
Modern Facilities: State-of-the-art facilities and online resources.
Curricular Activities: Opportunities for overall development through various activities.

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students appearing in 6th to 10th , IIT-JEE & NEET

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